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The track started with humble beginnings. Initially built in 2017 by Tim Tate, a local contractor, and friend of the Gish family. 


In mid-2018, the track was expanded by Trey Roberts of Dirt Diggers INC. The family feels a tremendous sense of gratitude toward Roberts for his vision and ambition. Roberts continues to build and work on existing tracks across the state of Oklahoma.











In early 2020, the Gish Family welcomed Gregg Albertson and his business, GAME MOTO Coaching. The track, known now as Rockin G MX, would be home to his elite training program. Albertson's extensive history in motocross proved to be a vital asset to both the Gish family, the elite training program, and the track itself. Albertson's support and that of the GAME MOTO family helped the once "back yard" track evolve into a full-size training facility - to rival any in the country. For more information on becoming part of the GAME MOTO coaching program, please visit Albertson's website at

Rockin G MX is also a  favorite of many pro motocross riders, such as #43, John Short, and #111, Grant Harlan. Rockin G MX has also hosted events featuring the widely known and beloved Uncle Ronnie Mac. On occasion, you might even find the following out at Rockin G MX: 


Novik Gloves


VP Racing Fuel

Champion Cobra

G7, LLC 


B's Moto Lab

and more!


Finally, Rockin G MX is home to one of the most elite and versatile teams of amateur motocross riders in the country. 

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